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Method Cleaner


Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, are proud brain parents of the method. Despite single-handedly turning the
consumer-packaged-goods industry on its head, these two former roommates are quick to tell
you that they’re no heroes. And that’s true. They’re superheroes. And like every great
superhero, they had a nemesis: clunky, joyless cleaning products made without our higher
purpose in mind.

Psychological marketing:

Eric knew that people wanted modern cleaning products that didn’t have to be hidden under
their sink, and Adam knew how to make them and to his goal of prospering the business. I
stuck. Together, they can save the world, be stronger than a bottle of sodium
hypochlorite, calm than licking 1000 puppies and dazzle a big house in the afternoon of the
day. And set out to create an entire line of personal care products.


We believe in using business to solve social and environmental challenges, and as we grow, our
goal is to increase the value we can bring to people and the planet. Of course, traditional
businesses are motivated by profits and shareholders. But we have never been known.
Rather, our purpose drives our business.

Business Decisions:

We make business decisions with people in mind. This means we are responsible for the well-being and livelihood of our teams, our communities, and the people who use our products.

Planetary Performance:

We consider social and environmental responsibilities in every aspect of our products and in
the way, they are manufactured. We also regularly measure planetary performance to
ensure that it meets high standards.

method cleaner pic
method cleaner pic


Founded in 2000, Method is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Today, Method
is a leading innovator of premium home and personal care products. This method can be found
in more than 35,000 stores in the US, Canada, UK, France, and Australia.

Major domestic retailers include Target, Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers, Whole Foods and
Bed Bath & Beyond. The method is a privately held company backed by Simon Equity Partners, San
Francisco Equity Partners and individual investors.

Method Launches Its First EPA-Registered Antibacterial Cleaning Line:

Method, a leading innovator of premium and eco-friendly home and personal care products,
introduces the first line of botanical household disinfectant sprays and wipes.

Method Antibacterial, anti-virus, and antibacterial products are registered by the Environmental
Protection Agency, with two cleaning sprays (one for the bathroom and one for
the kitchen) and a versatile cleaning and disinfecting wipe. It consists of.

Partnership with others:

The method has partnered with Clean Well Company, a manufacturer of time-based
disinfection technology, to develop a patented plant formula that kills 99.99% of household
bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, influenza A, and H1N1 virus.

method cleaner pics
method cleaner pics

Promote antibacterial cleaners:

“So far, we didn’t want to develop or promote antibacterial cleaners because we haven’t yet
found a technology that meets strict ingredient standards and is consistent with our
principles” said Method. Founder and Chief Greenkeeper Adam Lowry said. “We recognize that
some people prefer to use antibacterial cleaners on sensitive surfaces such as toilets and sinks,
and we are pleased to offer a variety of disinfectant cleaners that leverage Clean
Well’s botanical technology.”

Bathroom Spray:

Bathroom sprays are optimized to deal with soap scum and scale stains, and kitchen cleaners
are designed to remove grease and stains. Both products effectively kill 99.99 percent of
household bacteria on the hard, non-porous surface of every room in the house. Featuring
colorful bottles and the natural scent of lemon verbena and spearmint, Method adheres to its
unique design and scent differentiation through the Antibac line, this week at Target and
other retail stores across the country. Lined up in stores in the United States.
The method supports the new Antibac line with local outdoor advertising and events, self-contained
insertion coupons, public relations, interactive and social media messaging.

3 method
3 method

Method All-Purpose Cleaner:

The method’s all-purpose cleaner proves that dangerous chemicals aren’t the only way to a
clean home. The proven safety and effectiveness of this cleaner, as well as it’s eco-friendly
properties, make it ideal for natural household cleaning.

Maid Sailors Cleaning Service Method The top 5 reasons why you like our products are:

1. They’re Safe:

All-natural ingredients in this cleaner are safe for humans, animals, and the
environment. No toxic residue remains after drainage to contaminate homes
and local waters after use. It is safe for children and pets to come in contact with it.

The use of chemical-based cleaners can cause unpleasant side effects such as
headaches, abdominal pain, and dizziness. There are no side effects when using the
Method All-Purpose Cleaner. You no longer need to clean your home with chemicals
that are potentially harmful to you and your loved ones.

Non-toxic formula.

Contains no harsh chemicals, dyes, synthetic scents, or sulfates.

Not harmful to kids or pets.

Naturally-derived cleaning agents.

All-natural ingredients, including corn and coconut oils.

2. They’re effective:

Method’s all-purpose cleaner combines the use of natural ingredients with
patented Power Green technology. Demonstrates powerful detergency without the use
of harsh chemicals or sulfates. Its herbal formula removes dirt and grease quickly and
easily. It is strong enough to handle all cleaning tasks.

Made with Method’s patented Power green technology.

• Naturally-derived cleaners break down dirt and grime.

Advanced formula cleans powerfully.

Sanitizes as it cleanses.

Leaves surfaces spotless and shining.

As with any cleaner, you may have to look several times until the stubborn stains are
completely gone. But this cleaner can withstand any dirt, food, and more at any time.

methods cleaners
methods cleaners

3. They’re Versatile:

This cleaner is perfect for all areas of the house and all cleaning tasks. This
is especially suitable for tasks such as:

Cleaning stainless steel, hardwood, granite, marble, etc.

• Dusting surfaces.

• Tackling tough messes.

4. They’re Environmentally Friendly:

Utilizing the power of naturally derived ingredients, it is safe both indoors and
outdoors. This product effectively cleans the house while protecting the environment. A
completely natural formula means that it does not contaminate waterways like
chemical-based cleaners.

• Made from biodegradable ingredients.

Cleaners are derived from coconut and corn.

A plant-based formula, all-natural.

100% recyclable packaging.

No poisonous byproducts from manufacturing.

Plant- and water-based formulas make it safe for groundwater.

Switching to an all-natural household cleaner like Method’s is a safe and healthy choice
for not just your family, but the entire planet.

method cleaners3
method cleaners3

5. They’re Fun to Use:

Not only does this product provide excellent cleaning power, it is also fun to use the
cleaner yourself. With a refreshing scent and attractive packaging, you can save time
and effort. It makes the room so shiny and smells that it can actually inspire you to be

• Oblong spray bottle easy to carry and use.

Packaging is aesthetically pleasing.

Comes in six great scents: French Lavender, Lime and Sea Salt, Lemon Mint, White

Rosemary, Ginger Yuzu, Pink Grapefruit, Cucumber, and Clementine.

• The scent lingers, leaving home smelling fresh and clean for a long time.

The only downside to using the Method All-Purpose Cleaner is that it
is so convenient and effective that it runs out quickly. There is no way to buy a refill, so
the only solution is to buy a new bottle. Despite the request for replenishment of this
product, this is not an option at this time. The method lists each ingredient and its
purpose in a bottle.

Knowing exactly what’s in the cleaner sprayed all over the house
will give you peace of mind. It also gives you the peace of mind that your home is clean
without the use of harmful chemicals.

Method All-Purpose Cleaner is one of the best all-natural cleaners on the market. It is
currently one of the top natural household cleaning products. This cleanser is popular with
many people and it’s easy to see why. This all-purpose cleaner is the perfect replacement
for traditional household cleaners made from harsh chemicals and sulfates. Effectively cleans
the house without spreading chemicals into the house or the environment. Great for anyone
who wants to keep their home clean and green.

methods cleanerss
methods cleaners

Method Antibacterial Cleaners:

We usually don’t buy household cleaning products and prefer to make our own
for kitchens and bathrooms. But of all the commercial products out there, we’ve always
liked the method, so we wanted to try their new Antibac line.

Method new anti-bac products include bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, and all-purpose cleaning and
wipes (not checked here). On this line, they partnered with the Clean Well Company. The
company produces a time-based disinfectant that kills 99.99% of household bacteria such
as influenza A, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, and E. coli on a hard, nonporous surface. Unlike most antibacterial products on the market, it does not contain triclosan.

Experience with cleaners:

Both antibacterial bathroom cleaners and antibacterial kitchen cleaners worked well in our
experience. The bathroom version contains ingredients to combat soap scum and strong water
stains, but I thought it was quite compatible with the general cleaning of countertops, sinks, and
hard tiles. Like all method products, they are non-toxic, biodegradable, and packaged in 100%
recycled plastic. But for those who are worried, they contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

One of the things we always love about method products is phthalate-free fragrances. It has a
fresh scent and tends not to be overwhelmed. Unfortunately, due to Clean Well’s thyme oil
formula, these smell stronger than most method products. Bathroom cleaners are in
spearmint color and kitchen cleaners are in lemon verbena color, both of which have a unique
scent that makes you aware if you’ve used Clean Well products before. However, I think
these scents are better than the 7th generation Clean Well products.

methoed cleaner pic
method cleaner pic

5 Things that You Should Never Do with Your All-Purpose Cleaner:

Each of us here probably has a universal cleaner (or three) in our cleaning tools. And we
support it: they usually smell very good, come with very powerful, eco-friendly options, and
help us streamline our supply. However, “all purposes” can be a bit misleading. All-purpose
cleaners can be used to clean many things, but should not be used to clean everything.
There are some things you should never do with a universal cleaner.

1. Don’t spray it on your windows:

Whatever you spout into your window, it should be prescribed for streak-free cleanliness. Your all-purpose cleaner may list glass, but it may not leave
a clear finish on windows and mirrors. Effective window cleaners usually contain ingredients
that evaporate quickly and leave no residue. Try a simple DIY solution of vinegar and
water using a microfiber cloth, or my personal favorite Alvin Corn.

2. Don’t use it to clean wood furniture:

Never use a universal cleaner unless your wooden furniture has a plastic coating. All-purpose cleaners are too wet and may contain ingredients that can stain or damage
the wood over time. Instead of a general-purpose cleaner, wash with oil soap and then
protect with polish or wax paste.

3. Don’t use it on leather:

Like wood, leather can be damaged by the ingredients in all-purpose cleaners.
The first thing to do when cleaning leather is to vacuum it with regular dust and dirt. If
additional cleaning is required, wipe the leather with a microfiber cloth moistened with water.

4. Don’t use it to clean items that need disinfecting:

Unless otherwise stated, universal cleaners are unlikely to be disinfected. (That
means it doesn’t kill bacteria.) Whether you’re talking about kitchen sinks, very dirty
countertops, or doorknobs all over the house, when someone gets the flu, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. There is a disinfection solution for a better bet.

5. Don’t use it to clean natural stone unless you’ve read the label:

Some general-purpose cleaners may be best suited for granite countertops and other
natural stones. Be sure to check the label and ingredients first! General-purpose
cleaners that are not designed for natural stones or that contain acidic ingredients will
eat up the sealant and the stone itself, causing it to dull over time.

2 clean method
2 clean method

Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner:

Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner has earned the highest reputation for its natural
formula. The plant-based biodegradable wax-free solution is washed with a mixture of water,
coconut oil, organic solvent, and baking soda. Spritz the hardwood and wipe it to expose a clean,
deodorized, shiny plank. All that remains is the pleasant-if, not intrusive-almond scent.

We booked floor cleaning for very special occasions, such as Limbonite
and the Queen’s visit. But this waxy, non-rinse hardwood floor cleaner turns chores into the joy
of almond scent. The ergonomic spray nozzle is designed to cover the floor with less
movement and avoid puddles. So just split, wipe and shine in shiny cleanliness.

Almond Flavor:

Rich nuts are present inside it. It goes great with chocolate. If these were clues to the game
show, your guess would be Mandel. And you will be right. Of course, the answer may be
macadamia. Or Willy Wonka. But only this wonderful almond scent cleans the child’s play.

Squirt + mop hard floor cleaner:

Fight for your right to the 5-second rule. We never recommend eating from the floor, but it’s
helpful to know that you have options in case your biscuits become fraudulent. Using a plant-based detergent, this biodegradable formula removes dirt and residues without
rinsing, leaving a shine. In addition, the ergonomic spray nozzle is designed to avoid puddles
and cover the floor with less movement.

Spearmint sage:

Refreshing and calm seems to be a completely different feeling. But that’s just because you’ve
never experienced this fragrant combination of crispy spearmint and soothing sage notes. It’s
really doubly herbaceous.

clean method1
clean method1

Squirt + mop hard floor cleaner:

Fight for your right to the 5-second rule. We never recommend eating from the floor, but it’s
helpful to know that you have options in case your biscuits become fraudulent. Using a plant-based detergent, this biodegradable formula removes dirt and residues without
rinsing, leaving a shine. In addition, the ergonomic spray nozzle is designed to avoid puddles
and cover the floor with less movement.

Lemon ginger:

Lemons were born just to clean, and ginger has no choice but to liven up things. Together they
are the life of a cleaning crew-instead of causing havoc in your home, they leave a bright, fresh,
lemon-like clean scent.

All-purpose Cleaner:

There is no chance of grease or dirt. There are no strong plant-based detergents within reach.
With a biodegradable formula and a detergent made from corn and coconut, each brilliant
gush cuts through dirt and dirt, stuffing punches that leave a pleasant scent of victory.

Honey crisp apple:
If you’re quietly strolling through a charming orchard with a clear blue sky in
September and just chewed a ripe honey crispy apple, you’ll see how delicious this aroma is.

All-Purpose Cleaner:

There is no chance of grease or dirt. There are no strong plant-based detergents within reach.
With a biodegradable formula and a detergent made from corn and coconut, each brilliant
gush cuts through dirt and dirt, stuffing punches that leave a pleasant scent of victory.

French lavender:

Are there really other types? This fascinating blend of lavender, bergamot, and purple sage +
chamomile is like a short relaxation in the French countryside. By the way, with accurate
coordinates, + everywhere the sun shines + all cleaning fantasies come true.

1 method
1 method

5 Ways Natural Cleaning Products Aren’t As Safe As You Think:

If you have a curious toddler, an avid little kid who can’t do without a good spray bottle, or a
helpful teenager (Congratulations!), You may be buying a natural cleaner. Toxic chemicals
in common cleaning agents are associated with all types of health problems,
including reproductive toxicity, cancer, asthma, allergies, burns, and addiction. The bad news is
that many natural cleaners aren’t as safe as most parents think! When looking for safe,
chemical-free cleaning supplies, here’s what you need to know to distinguish between truth
and mythology:

1. “Natural” cleaners are toxic chemical-free cleaners:

Believe it or not, there are no federal regulations that require standards for products
labeled as “natural.” You might think that “natural” means the absence of dangerous
chemicals, but that’s not the case. Many natural cleaners are slightly safer
than traditional cleaners, but in reality, many products labeled as “natural” are non-toxic chemical-free cleaners. Branded products such as Seventh Generation, Method,
Mrs. Myers, Honest Company, and Greenworks all contain toxic chemicals such
as allergens, skin, and respiratory irritants.

2. Natural cleaning products are safe:

In fact, many cleaning agents labeled as “natural” contain dangerous fragrances, dyes,
preservatives, allergens, and irritants. Check out these amazing safety assessments
by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). This shows that the “Natural” brand
has the same safety rating as traditional cleaners. As much as you want your child to
help you clean, you can’t be sure that your “natural” cleaning products are actually safe
enough to use around them.

3. The ingredient list actually tells you what’s in the product:

Unlike manufacturers of food, beverages, cosmetics, and personal care products,
manufacturers of cleaning products do not have to list all the ingredients of the
product on the packaging label. It’s shocking, isn’t it? So how do you find a toxic,
chemical-free cleaning product?

First look for specificity. Many manufacturers use vague
terms that can hide all kinds of toxic ingredients. For example, “fragrance” can actually
mean a cocktail of unnamed ingredients if even the natural scent can
cause an allergic reaction. Another vague description to note is “surfactant,”
“detergent,” or “preservative.” Due to their lack of specificity, these cannot
be easily examined by themselves. An example is a methylisothiazolinone. This is
often referred to simply as a “preservative”. It’s indescribably scary because it’s
associated with the potential for pulmonary toxicity, allergies, and neurotoxicity.


4. Botanical ingredients are safe:

Don’t be fooled by safe-sounding herbal ingredients like thymol, which is actually a
known allergen. If you find a natural or botanical ingredient, find out for yourself what
isn’t as safe as you might think. For example, citrus and pine oil cleaners release a
chemical called terpenes. Terpenes can produce formaldehyde when they react with
ozone in the air. Alternatively, some essential oils contain substances such as eugenol
and limonene that can cause allergic reactions.

5. The government tests cleaning products for safety:

Ready to catch the eye? Of the approximately 62,000 chemicals approved in the United
States, only approximately 300 have actually been tested for safety. When the Chemical
Safety Act was last changed, the cost of gas was $ 0.59 per gallon and the average cost
of a new home was $ 43,400. It will be 1976. It’s creepy! That means you really need to
do your own research. Fortunately, the Environmental Working Group, with its
searchable product database, is an excellent resource for studying the health and
environmental safety of cleaning agents.

Remove the Guesswork:

Or stop worrying about decrypting ingredient labels and try the Force of Nature instead. It uses
electricity to convert salt, water, and vinegar into detergents and EPA-registered disinfectants
that are as effective as bleach, but free of harmful chemicals. No dyes, fragrances,
preservatives, allergens, irritants, or mysterious ingredient lists.


It also removes grease, dirt, soap scum, and odors as effectively as traditional top brands, but does
not contain unwanted chemicals around children and pets. It’s gentle on the skin, has no toxic
residues that can hurt small hands in the house, and doesn’t require rinsing.

The force of Nature is actually the only EPA-registered disinfectant that can be created on
kitchen countertops. It kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and meets EPA standards as a hospital-grade disinfectant. The Force of Nature is also included in EPA’s N-list disinfectants approved
for use against SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, and EPA has SARS on all N-list products. –

Expected to contain all strains and mutants that kill CoV-2. Learn more about the Force
of Nature technology called electrolyzed water and how the Force of Nature kills
viruses and bacteria. If you want to dig deeper, we’ll also show you how to use the Force of
Nature safely on almost every surface of your home and how the Force of Nature actually

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