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Kitchen Sponge holder


A Kitchen Sponge holder is a tool that is used in cleaning and making products. Commonly used to clean immovable areas, sponges are excellent for absorbing water and water-based solutions. Originally made with natural sea sponges, they are often made with synthetic materials today.


The word comes from the Ancient Greek word σπόγγος (sponges), [1] probably derived from the Mediterranean pre-Indo European substrate.


The earliest references to sponges used for hygiene days from Ancient Greece. Olympic rivals bathed in sea sponges dipped in olive oil or perfume before competing. In the book of Odyssey by the Greek poet Homer, the god Hephaestus washes his hands, face, and chest with a sea sponge, and Odysseus’ royal servants also use sea sponges to clean the tables after eating the Penelope audience. . Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato also spoke of marine sponges in both the scientific and historical contexts. [2] [3] the ancient Greeks and Romans used sea-dried sponges to clean the ants, using a method known as the xylospongium, and bathing in seawater.


The ancient Romans also made extensive use of sea sponges for their hygiene. The belief that sponges have medicinal properties led to their being used in medicine to cleanse wounds and cure diseases. Sea sponges were used by women as tampons throughout history [quoted] and are still used as a cheaper and more environmentally friendly method than fiber. However, researchers do not recommend using sea sponges as tampons, as they may contain contaminants and microorganisms, especially if they are not properly cleaned.


In the New Testament, a Roman soldier handed Jesus Christ a sponge soaked in vinegar on the tip of his spear (some versions say a stick) for Jesus to drink at the time of his crucifixion. [Synthetic sponges could only be produced after the introduction of polyester in 1941 and the commercial production of polyurethane foam in 1952.


Synthetic sponges can be made of polyester, polyurethane, or vegetal cellulose. Polyurethane is used in polyester pads on their explosive side. Polyester sponges are very common in washing dishes and are usually soft and yellow. Vegetable cellulose sponges made of wood are widely used for washing and cleansing the skin, and are often stronger and more expensive than polyester sponges.

Bacterial retention
Germs from the kitchen sponge

Kitchen Sponge holder
Kitchen Sponge holder



A sponge can be used to grow harmful bacteria or fungi, especially if they are allowed to remain wet during use.


Many methods have been used to clean sponges. Studies have investigated the use of a microwave to clean well-drained non-metallic household sponges. A 2006 study found that wet sponges by microwaving for two minutes (with 1000 watts) killed 99% of coliform, E. coli, and MS2 phases, but Bacillus cereus seeds needed four minutes. After some fires were caused by people trying to replicate the effects on homes, the study author urged people to make sure their sponges were wet. A 2009 study showed that the microwave and dishwasher were the most effective way of cleaning household sponges.


Developing countries in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean are the largest exporters of sponges, with most exporters in Europe and North America. Tunisia is the world’s largest producer of sponges, exporting 90% of its sponge production. France is a leading supplier, provided by Tunisia, but demand for the French sponge has declined in recent years.

The cloth of the vessel jumps to the navigation Jump to search Container fabrics are usually square and are usually made of cotton or other fabrics. A dishcloth or dishrag [1] is used in the kitchen to clean or dry dishes and dishes. Container cloth is usually made of cotton or other fabric, such as microfiber, and measures 11 “to 13” square inches.

Container Microwave disinfection

Clothes are often left wet and provide a breeding ground for germs. As the kitchen sink is used for food cleaning, dishcloths are often infected with E. coli and salmonella. In 2007 a study from the Journal of Environmental Health found that placing a wet dish (or sponge) in a microwave oven for 2 minutes killed 99% of living germs. [2] However, firefighters have warned people not to do this because it would be dangerous to fire, especially if the dishcloth or sponge is wet enough. Many small fires have been set up as a result of people following research advice.

10 Best Sponge Holders

This wiki has been updated 15 times since it was first published in January 2018. Few people enjoy washing dishes, but having the right gear can make the process less painful. There’s nothing worse – or unclean – than using a scrubber left in dirty, dirty water, so add an organization to your kitchen with one of these sponge holders. We have installed simple caddy pastes inside the sink, as well as countertop models with brush and soap room. If users purchase our independently selected editing options, we may earn commissions to finance the Wiki.

1. Apsan Sink Caddy Kitchen

For three rows of vacuum cleaners or dish towels, the Apsan Kitchen Sink Caddy (approximately $ 14) helps you use your precise location. The bottom rack fits snugly over the removable drainage pan, so your cleaning tools will not stay in stagnant water.

kitchen spong
kitchen sponge

2 Simple human KT1116.

Simple human KT1116 (appx. $ 17) carries two sponges and a single brush, with an expandable silicone base for long handles, and plays with a sharp metal design. It is strapped inside your sink with four suction cups and has a wire ledge suspension for extra protection.

3. Oxo Good Grips

If you find the suction cups unreliable, then try Oxo Good Grips (appx. $ 10). The simple design of the open frames with ventilation holes underneath provides more airflow to dry quickly, and a suction port built into the tray makes it easier to drain the accumulated water.

Choosing the right sponge handle will depend largely on the layout of your kitchen. If you have a place, your best bet might be a model that can sit next to or behind the sink and away from any standing water. Our favorite is the Apsan Kitchen Sink Caddy, which has a small profile but still holds the right amount of material, with three layers of high-hanging towels to dry. It also has a very open base that provides good water, as well as a large removable pool to collect drip. The design of the Kitchen Caddy is even bigger, and those whose kitchens can handle it will find that it has strong arms for cleaning items. However, its rack is too short to hold towels of full size; is best suited for small rags or microfiber cleaning cloths.


If you do not have a lot of space left on your counter, you may need something that can hang inside your sink, such as Simple human KT1116, with a dedicated pot-scrubbing pack with long handles, and two existing sponge panels. Raised to drain the water. The Union FRSBL is another great option, thanks to the small design without cracks where moisture can form. There is also the Gecko-Loc SHB-001, which can hold only one sponge but includes an additional suction cup, or the invisible and modular Nexcurio NEXR-ASH.


We have removed a few items due to concerns about their tendency to retain water and the growth of mold. The mDesign Modern Farmhouse was sturdy and compact but had a solid foundation with no water at all. We also heard that the Umbra Double does not work with the Union Plastic Saddle – the same basic style, with smaller holes and less storage space. We also installed the Good to Good Kitchen Organizer and installed the Niuhom 100, as the latest one has a useful series of angled channels to allow moisture to enter the sink.
We have reviewed several other useful tools for keeping your kitchen dry and clean, such as dish racks and dryers. Or, if you are looking for something to decorate your bathroom, check out these shower chairs and soap bowls.



kichen holder

kichen holder
kichen holder

It may not seem like a big deal, but having a dedicated storage area can make cleaning the kitchen less of a problem. The sponge holder helps keep your sink in order, and many provide drainage and ventilation holes for the sponges to dry quickly.


If you just want something simple, Oxo Good Grips is a good fit for the bill. It holds two sponges, brushes, or metal wool, and its open sides and drainage holes help it dry quickly. And, just over four inches wide, it won’t take up much of the space of the counter. Good to Good Kitchen Organizer is a 10-inch silicone tray that can accommodate soaps, brushes, and other materials. Its long sides keep the countertops dry, but they also hold a lot of water, which means soap scum forms quickly. The Union Plastic Saddle and Umbra Double both hang over the sink separators, allowing you to always place two sponges or scrubs around. Although inexpensive, these “horse saddle” style handlers often have problems with proper drainage due to their round bottoms, so you will need to clean them frequently to prevent mold growth.


In addition to sponges, Simple human Brushed Steel can install cleaning brushes with long handles, thanks to its silicone base that extends outwards. Its interior is specially designed to increase airflow and reduce drying time to prevent mold and bacteria. The design of the Kitchen Caddy has a very large capacity, with a built-in basket for brushes, soap, and sponges, and a laundry area. It has a drip tray under it to hold more water, which can be removed for easy cleaning.

4. Unikon FRSBL

The Union FRSBL (appx. $ 10) attaches to your tap with strong, adjustable, highly durable handles, and can be installed without tools and with minimal effort. Anything you store in it will dry out quickly, as there are no areas that allow moisture to mix.


5. Niuhom 100

Even stainless steel can rust if not properly cared for, but the Niuhom 100 food-grade silicone (about $ 14) will last for years without rust or cracking. It can leak into your sink because of the sloping channels arranged in length.

6. Design a Kitchen Caddy

You can plan your entire immersion area with an ODesign Kitchen Caddy (for about $ 22), with a long basket of baskets and a long trail for hanging cloths or a small towel. A flat base is good for holding liquid soap bottles, but it has many holes for the water to drain.

7. Oxo Stainless Steel

Oxo Stainless Steel (about $ 15) offers a few repositories for different shapes and sizes. Its long, thin design is suitable for small counters, and it is easy to get out of the way when you need to be cleaned.

A perforated base with a suction pump

Removable drip tray

It can rust without proper care


8. Nexcurio NEXR-ASH

If you have a small space to leave, you may enjoy a small Nexcurio NEXR-ASH profile (about $ 9). The adhesive is incredibly strong, though it will not be reused if you have to remove it, so make sure you are happy with its placement before attaching it.

Comes in two packs

Easy to install

Large sponges can be difficult to measure


9. Gecko-Loc SHB-001

Weighing in at 22 pounds, a strong vacuum-locking suction cup on the Gecko-Loc SHB-001 (about $ 12) will stick to almost anything with no holes except smoothness. The slim bars that form the underside do not retain moisture at all.

• Includes clearance of repair area

• Available in three colors

• Price by size

Price by size

Woman washing plate in modern kitchen, closeup

10. Eunion Plastic Saddle

As long as you have a sink to install, Eunion Plastic Saddle (appx. $ 8) gives you an easy way to keep your belongings away from contaminated container water. If you choose a more flexible container, you can slide the perforated silicone and remove it from its hard shell for personal use.

It does not take up much space

• It is deep enough with silver objects

• It can be difficult to keep clean


Long Metal Kitchen Sink Tray, Soap Container / Sponge Holder

mDesign Metal 2-Piece Sink Tray Caddy for Kitchen Countertops – Removable Grid Insert for Sponges, Scrubbers, Bar Soap, Cleaning Tools – Gray drainage grid

HIGH FOOD: The installed grid wire promotes air circulation, and allows bar soap, sponges, brushes, and scrubbers to dry out quickly; The base tray holds a lot of water to keep kitchen counters and sinks clean, dry,

and soap-free; The tray is easy to remove and clean; Contains a wide range of bar soap, handmade soap, scrub brushes, brillo pads, vegetable brushes and more.

CONNECTIVE TECHNIQUES: This high-quality, thin sink tray fits well in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and utility counters – even when space is limited; Smooth soaps stay in the right place and dry faster and faster to save soap and money; Suitable for kitchens for cameras, RVs, flats, cotton and more

STYLE STATISTICS: Suggested outer edges keep water available and absent on kitchen counters; The polished tray holds bar soap, sponges, and brushes for quick and complete drying between use; When things are dry, just remove the crushed tray and pour extra water into the kitchen sink to clean it without any hassle.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of stainless steel that is strong and durable to withstand corrosion; Easy Care – Wipe with a damp cloth
HELP THINK: It measures 4 “x 9.4” x .8 “height

Modern kitchen sink and faucet, plastic sponge drying rack and dish washing liquid bottle.

Wise Use of Your Kitchen Sponges holder that You Have Not Tried

Help Your Home Plants

Sometimes leaf light products can clog pores and damage your indoor plants. Instead, use water and a wet sponge to get the light you want

Wash Fever

Rinse with a clean sponge in cool water and apply it on your forehead, back, neck, and wherever you feel the bump. As water evaporates, your body will cool down.

Save Your Soap

Have you ever noticed a glossy finish that puts your soap in the bottom of a bowl after a few uses? Blech! Put your soap on the sponge instead. It wipes away moisture and leaves your soap clean and ready to use.

Keep Vegetables Crunchy

Put a few kitchen sponges in your cool cupboard and squeeze them out after they have absorbed excess moisture. This will keep your vegetables very sharp. You are so smart!

Wipe the Hair of Pets

We love our pets but their hair … not so much. A slightly damp sponge will easily remove Charlie’s remnants from clothes and upholstered furniture.

Perfect For Your Pedicure

To avoid dirty polish after a home pedicure, cut the sponge into edges and place it between the toes to separate it.


Kitchen faucet

Make Mini Ice Packs

Normal-sized ice packs can be very large (and cold!) With baby bumps and scratches. In baby ice cubes, cut the sponge into a few pieces, dip it in water, and freeze.

Take the pills out of the jerseys.

Combined scrubbers (like these) do a quick job of collecting worn-out jerseys. Run it lightly on the coat to get rid of the fuzz.

Keep houseplants well-watered.

If you slip a sponge under a planting pot, it will soak up a lot of water when you give your plant a drink. This can prevent the roots from rotting in too much moisture and provides nutritious food if you forget to water your plants.

Set of bath supplies with massage brushes on light background

Lift your pet hair on the carpet.

A damp sponge is just the tool you need to get rid of sore hair from your carpet.

Make a non-slip ice pack.

Carole at My Kitchen Escapades loves frozen kitchen sponges in plastic zip-top bags. As the ice melts, the moisture stays in the sponge, reducing impurities.

Broken cushion material.

When storing, say, a ceramic container or a set of statues, place neatly sponge pieces next to any fragile parts or sharp corners that can easily be damaged.

Reduce rainfall.

Place the sponge under the umbrella stand to protect the underside from moisture and mold. It is much easier to throw and change the sponge if necessary than to give the canister a deep cleaning.

Make a nail polish remover.

Jill lee in the One Good Thing has found a clever way to dump the cotton ball polish removal method. Instead, she made her dipping pot and twisted it by attaching a cream-soaked sponge inside the marble container.

Protect areas from scratches.

Before placing the container on your old coffee table, attach a few pieces of sponge to the floor to prevent any bumps and scratches.

Connect a blank window.

If your air-conditioning window unit does not fit properly, press the sponge into any leaky holes to keep cold air inside.

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