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Hefty Supreme


The famous Hefty brand items are possessed by Reynolds Consumer Products, which
additionally claims Reynolds Wrap foil brand in the U.S., as well as Alcan and Diamond global


Everyday products with a powerful punch:

Around here at Hefty, we were quick to make some cool stuff:
1. First drawstring trash bag.

2. First foam Plate.

3. First Slider food storage bag.

These advancements might appear to be little, yet they make things around the house
somewhat more straightforward for you and that is huge.
While we’ve been the first at numerous things, what’s generally vital to us is being the last thing
you need to stress over.

Solid, Reasonable, Advantageous:

Weighty will likely areas of strength forgive, items at a decent cost, so you don’t need to stress
over little family wrecks. Life is short, you can invest less energy on the things that should be
done, and additional time on the things you need to do.

The Myth about foam:

Perhaps you’ve heard a few fantasies about froth and paper plates, and their effect on the
climate. While pondering an item and its effect on the climate, it is essential to contemplate its
whole lifecycle. The genuine ecological effect of an item should be estimated from the reason
behind obtaining the materials of which it is included the whole way through the item’s

Facts on Foam:

Froth plates really convey a more modest natural impression than paper plates of practically
identical usefulness (for example similar paper plates).
1. It takes 60% less material by weight to make a froth plate than it does to make a similar
paper plate.

2. Making, utilizing, and discarding froth plates, rather than similar paper plates, creates
35% less ozone-depleting substance emanations.

3. Making, utilizing, and discarding froth plates, rather than similar paper plates, requires
25% less energy.

Realities in light of the 2015 Life Cycle Inventory done by Franklin Associates looking at expendable
plates having similar usefulness, with the froth plate weighing 4.5 grams and the polymer-covered paper plate weighing 12.0 grams.

hifty suprem
hefty supreme

Life cycle Inventory:


Item Life Cycle Inventory measures all-out energy and unrefined substance prerequisites,
energy sources, environmental and waterborne outflows, and strong waste coming about
because of creation and end-of-life the board; basically, the stuff to make an item and what
happens when it is arranged.

Hefty ultra strong kitchen trash bags:

You do the cooking, and Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags can help tidy up. Lift the heftiest
burdens with dynamic tear-safe innovation, while break-safe grasp drawstrings hold the sack
set up. Kill frightful kitchen smells with a protected Arm and Hammer scent neutralizer.
Accessible in eight new fragrances and aroma free. Additionally, accessible in Blackout tone,
which highlights either Scent Free or Clean Burst fragrance.

• Ultra Strong 6-in-1 Protection.

• Flex Strength.

• Arm & Hammer Continuous Odor Control.

• Reliable drawstring closure.

• Resists Leaks, Punctures, and Rips.

Hefty strong kitchen trash bag:

Handle all your ordinary kitchen rubbish needs with Trash Bags, our #1 worth drawstring sack. It
fits most family jars and highlights a tough drawstring conclusion and reliable “Strong Hefty”
• Our #1 value drawstring bag.

• Dependable Hefty strength.

suprem pic
supreme pic

• Sized to fit most household trash cans.

Hefty ultra-strong large trash bags:

Powerful Ultra Strong Large Trash Bags have the adaptable strength you want to handle ordinary
wrecks. With their additional limit and 6-in-1 Protection, you should rest assured these sacks
can deal with any work.

• Arm and Hammer licensed smell neutralizer on scented packs.

• Opposes Leaks, Punctures, and Rips.

• Opposes Breaks.

• Tough drawstring.

• Flex Strength.

• Features large gallon capacity.

Hefty strong large trash bags:

Robust, Strong enormous dark packs are here to assist with your ordinary junk needs. They
arrive in an assortment of sizes so you can pick the right pack for your loved ones. You can
depend on these sacks which include Hefty’s trustworthy strength. That stretchy strength
implies you don’t need to stress over startling sack breakage and awkward wrecks. A break-safe
grasp drawstring makes it simple to close the pack and truck it away without occurrence.

Notwithstanding the perfect and blissful lavender fragrance of Fabulous, these garbage sacks
likewise incorporate Arm and Hammer’s consistent scent control to keep unsavory scents under

• Our #1 value drawstring bag.

• Dependable Hefty strength.

suprems pics
supremes pics

• Tear and puncture resistance.

Hefty ultra-strong lawn and leaf trash bag:

Robust Ultra Strong Lawn and Leaf garbage sacks are here to make outside cleanup simple!
Highlighting our 6-in-1 Protection and extra-huge, 39-gallon limit, these packs are the ideal
accomplice for outside cleanup occupations.

• Ultra Strong 6-in-1 Protection.

• Opposes Leaks, Punctures, and Rips.

• Resists Breaks.

• Extreme drawstring.

• Flex Strength.

• Features large gallon capacity.

Hefty strong lawn and leaf trash bag:

Powerful Strong Lawn and Leaf garbage sacks are here to assist with all of your open-air and
yard projects. With an additional a huge, 39 gallon limit, they are ideally suited for yard
cleanup, grass and leaf assortment, or development cleanup.

• Our #1 value drawstring bag.

• Dependable Hefty strength.

hifty suprem pic
hefty supreme pic

• Tear and puncture resistance.

Hefty medium trash bags:

From office squander containers to under-the-sink restroom garbage bins, helpfully measured
Hefty Medium Trash Bags with Arm and Hammer smell neutralizer have many regular purposes.
Immediately secure your sacks with a simple fold tie conclusion.

• Sized to fit most medium trash bins.

• Easy flap tie closure.

• Dependable Hefty strength.

Hefty small trash bags:

Clean up any space with advantageously measured Hefty Small Trash Bags, highlighting Arm
and Hammer scent neutralizer. Ideal for restrooms, rooms, and workplaces, and that’s just the
beginning. Immediately secure your sacks with a simple fold tie conclusion. Accessible in three
new aromas.

• Sized to fit most small trash bins.

• Arm and Hammer protected smell neutralizer on scented packs.

• Easy flap tie closure.

Hefty contractor bags:

From building destinations to home improvement projects, the hardest positions need Hefty®
Contractor Trash Bags. These additional thick sacks are made for strength and toughness so you
can pack everything up and return to work. Accessible in enormous, greater, and greatest sizes,
trust this sack to deal with your biggest positions.

• 2 mil thick industrial trash bags.

• Available in big, bigger, and biggest sizes.

Hefty load and carry contractor:

For enormous undertaking cleanups and DIY occupations, trust Hefty Load and Carry Contractor
Bags with additional thick, 3 mil development, and extra lengthy fold ties. Utilizing the implicit
handles, balance the pack from a snare or door handle for productive stacking. That makes it
advantageous to lift and divert the wreck.

• Only contractor bag to feature flaps with handles.

• Flaps with handles make it easier to lift and maneuver the bag.

• Extra-long flap ties (+1.25”) are easier to tie.

hifty suprems pic
hefty supreme pic

• Heavy duty.

Hefty ultra-strong renew recycled material bags:

For all your kitchen junk, Hefty Ultra Strong Renew eco-accommodating garbage sacks are
made with 20% reused materials with signature Hefty Ultra Strong unwavering quality and

• Environmentally friendly trash bags made of 20% recycled materials.

• Ultra Strong 6-in-1 Protection.

• Arm & Hammer Continuous Odor Control.

• Reliable drawstring closure.

Hefty compostable trash bags:

Assist the climate each pack in turn with Hefty Compostables Trash Bags, ideal for your
neighborhood food and yard squander assortment programs. Become environmentally friendly
around the house with these BPI guaranteed and 100 percent compostable packs.

• BPI certified and 100% compostable.

• Developed municipal food and yard waste collection programs.

• Available in three sizes.

Hefty storage slider bag:

For the best in simple, solid capacity, trust Hefty Storage Slider Bags, including an additional a
safe slider seal and a stand and fill expandable base.

• MaxLock track design with extra strong seal.

• Clicks Closed sound lets you know it’s closed.

ss hifty
ss hifty

• Stand and fill expandable bottom for easy loading and storing.

Hefty freezer slider bags:

Bye, cooler consume! Additional thick Hefty Freezer Slider Bags are made with an additional
solid slider seal and a stand and fill expandable base.

• MaxLock track design with extra strong seal.

• Clicks Closed sound tells you it’s shut.

• Stand and fill expandable base for simple stacking and putting away.


Hefty jumbo storage slider bag:

Robust Jumbo Storage Slider Bags with MaxLock track and slider that Clicks Closed to let you in on
its safely shut. The open 2.5-gallon size effectively fits huge food and family things like shoes
and sporting equipment.

• MaxLock track plan with serious areas of strength for extra.

• Clicks Closed sound tells you it’s shut.

• Zipping sound demonstrates seal is secure.

Hefty Everyday foam tableware:

Powerful Everyday Foam Plates, Bowls, and Trays guarantee your food doesn’t drench through
with areas of strength for execution and simple cleanup.

• Soak-proof layer.

• Durable yet affordable.

• Easy cleanup.

Hefty Deluxe plates and platters:

Powerful Deluxe Plates and Platters can deal with your sauciest ribs and your most chaotic
dinners with a superior drench-resistant layer that won’t leave stains on your lap.
• Cut-safe cover innovation.

• Premium, splash-resistant layer.

hifty supreme
hefty supreme

• More grounded, further than regular froth.

Hefty Ecosave tableware:

The Hefty ECO SAVE line of flatware items is ideal for your next lawn BBQ, family supper, or
easygoing engaging. Strong Ecosave was cast a ballot 2021 Product of the Year USA in the
Tableware classification! Result of the Year USA is the biggest customer who cast a ballot grant for
item advancement. For north of 30 years worldwide and 13 years in the USA, Products of the
The year has advocated brands by granting items that exhibit advancement in their capacity, plan,
bundling, or fixings.

• 100% compostable.

• Heavy duty.

• Microwave Safe.

• Made from plant-based materials.

Hefty Compostable printed plates and bowls:

Powerful Compostable Printed Paper plates and bowls are areas of strength for ultra-beautiful
enough for any event!

• Ultra solid.

• Microwave Safe.

• Soak-resistant.

• Made from plant-based materials.

Hefty 18 OZ party cups:

Brighten up any social affair with Hefty party cups, the #1 marked party cup in America.

• Exceptional durability.

• Easy to grip.

• Sleek, contoured design.

Hefty 16 OZ party cups:

Powerful Party On! Party Cups in grouped colors carry a sprinkle of variety to ordinary use and
unique events. Presently 35% more grounded. Whether you’re facilitating an easygoing gettogether in your home, praising an extraordinary event, eating in a hurry, or just need to invest
less energy doing the dishes, let Hefty Party On Party Cups assist you with zeroing in on the
minutes that make a difference to you most.

• Easy to grip.

• Fun assortment of colors.

• Great for entertaining and everyday use.

Hefty printed and tinted cups:

Weighty Printed and Tinted Cups carry the tone and plan to ordinary use and unique events.

• Premium quality.

• Patterned plastic cups in fun, stylish colors.

• Great for entertaining and everyday use.

Hefty clear cups:

Weighty Party Perfect Clear Cups offer a top-notch upscale look and will improve any beverage,
tidbit, or sweet served in them.

• Premium quality.

• Shatter resistance.

• Upscale look.

• Recyclable.

Hefty hot cups:

The protected innovation of Hefty Hot cups keeps refreshments quite hot when you’re in a
hurry. Accessible in 16oz (dark print) and 12oz (blueprint).

• Extra strong, double-wall insulation.


• Keeps beverages hot while on the go.

• Stylish design.

suprems hifty
suprems hifty

Hefty storage bin and containers:

Get coordinated with Hefty Storage Bins and Containers, outfitted with hooked handles and
twofold rimmed dividers for stacking. Accessible in numerous sizes.

• Multiple sizes to meet your needs.

• Strong and durable storage bins also include lids.

• Additionally, accessible in Hefty Hi-Rise sizes with additional strength hooks.

Hefty Step-on trash cans:

Got your hands full? Robust Step-On Trash Cans open with a speedy tap of the foot pedal to
limit chaotic tops and floors. Accessible in huge and little sizes.

• Exemplary advance on cover opens with only one tap.

• Accessible in advantageous enormous or little can sizes and varieties.

Hefty Touch lid trash cans:

Strong Touch Lid Trash Cans arrive in an assortment of simple, fast touch cover styles that lock
in the scent and give enduring strength. Accessible in different sizes.

• Simple open lidded garbage bins.

• Different sizes and styles.

Hefty lidded trash cans:

Tough Hefty Lidded Trash Cans give simple access when you want it and close rapidly to secure
in scents. Accessible in adaptable sizes and styles.

• Easy open lidded trash cans.

• Strong and durable.

Hefty decorative trash cans:

Weighty Decorative Trash Cans are practical and snazzy. Accessible in an assortment of plans
and sizes to suit any room, from the kitchen to the restroom to the office.

• Various sizes and styles.

• Strong and durable.

Hefty Supreme Foam Charola Trays:

Weighty Supreme Foam Charola Trays (200 counts) are all around and intended for any time you
have visitors who need versatility while they feast. Regardless of whether people are simply
plunking down and getting a game, these are incredible answers for advantageous feasting.

suprem hifty
supreme hefty

What Are Some of the Features of These Trays?

Weighty Supreme Foam Charola Trays are made of super light froth, yet don’t let that fool you.
They are major areas of strength for likewise ready to deal with an enormous serving of food
alongside the wandering aimlessly that definitely results during a functioning, fun party.

The froth layer is both tough and douses resistant, going with it a preferred decision over paper
plates that adoration let fluids, salad dressing, and oil creep through and onto apparel. They
are really great for private gatherings as well as catering since they are so extreme and strong,
in any event, when put under the heaviness of weighty dishes like steak or pureed potatoes.

What Are the Trays Good for?

Hefty Supreme Foam Charola Trays are great for ensuring you get to invest the energy after a
party or assembling unwinding as opposed to cleaning dishes the entire evening or morning

They are dispensable and fit effectively into the trash, especially because of their
lightweight development and thin profile. Any time you host a gathering that requires a speedy
serving arrangement, you can go after these plates. They really might be utilized for a school
reserve raiser. Heap them high with treats, cakes, and different desserts. Or on the other hand
in the event that you are going for a sounder asset raiser, load on the veggies with a sprinkle of
a low-fat serving of mixed greens dressing. Each pack contains a sum of 200 Hefty Charola Trays,
all that anyone could need for a party or a few.

Perfect for Watching Sports:

Preparing to pull possibly in support of, the Patriots in one more Super Bowl? These plates are
the perfect stage to have a Lombardi-sized prize of chips, plunge, salsa, wings, and ribs.

• Strong and soak-proof.

• Disposable, easy clean-up.

• Box Tops for Education Partner.

• Great for foodservice and catering.

s suprem
s suprem

Hefty Supreme Foam 6 in. HLC:

Heavy Supreme 6″ Foam Hinged Lid Containers are adequately solid to pack generous dinners
like burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and sides. Their tough froth development highlighting a
douse-resistant layer that forestalls stains and holes makes them amazing to-go boxes for cafés
and bistros. With each pack containing 300 stacked holders, these carry astonishing quality and
worth to your foodservice business.

• Strong 6″ hinged lid to-go containers for hearty meals.

• Durable foam construction.

• Features a soak-proof layer that prevents stains and leaks.

• Great for parties, catering, concessions, entertaining and everyday use.

Hefty Supreme 3-Section Foam Plates:

This mass pack contains 200 froth expendable plates, each with three separate segments to
hold three distinct food varieties and forestall blending whenever wanted. The plates are
created with thick froth and measure in at 10-1/4 crawls in width. They’re made to deal with
kinds of food sources, as they’re resistant to douse and cut-safe. This implies you can
undoubtedly dive into a sassy grill and cut through steak without stressing over leakage and

Are Hefty Supreme 3-Section Foam Plates Durable?

Indeed! The super thick froth configuration makes these dispensable plates equipped for
serving and partaking in an assortment of food sources – from canapés and primary courses to
pastries. You could actually partake in each of the three together on the plate simultaneously,
cordoned off because of the plate’s three separate areas. They likewise won’t twist or tear, in
the same way as other expendable plates, making these Hefty plates ideal for holding even the
most extravagant of food sources, similar to lasagna, brownie desserts, fried fish and French
fries, gigantic burritos and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

What are the Best Uses for Hefty Supreme 3-Section Foam Plates?

There’re such countless ways of partaking in these Hefty froth expendable plates. Keep a stack
at home to guarantee at whatever point visitors show up you are ready. Cooking organizations
and food truck proprietors additionally revere these plates, since they are solid as well as can
be immediately discarded. They additionally make an incredible option to work storage rooms,
so colleagues can undoubtedly share dinners during office birthday celebrations and different
events. Regardless of who utilizes these Hefty plates, there will be for all intents and purposes
no tidy-up time – simply throw these plates away and return to what makes a difference.

Hefty Supreme 8 7/8″ Foam Plates:


Present your ordinary suppers utilizing these Hefty Supreme 9″ Foam Plates, 250 ct. They can
be utilized inside or outside for an assortment of events. These Hefty plates are likewise
dispensable to make cleanup quick and straightforward.

Made strong:

With a cut-safe development, these Hefty froth plates are made to hold up to heavier food
sources. They’re resistant to splash to forestall releases and stains on tabletops. These plates
have a 9″ size to deal with a serving of ribs, spaghetti, heated chicken, and potato salad and the sky
is the limit from there. They’re intended to be 50% more grounded than Hefty’s customary
froth plates.

hifty suprem image
hefty supreme image

Is Styrofoam Microwavable?

Styrofoam, also like other polystyrene holders, can be securely utilized in the microwave. These
dispensable plates have directions on the bundling that offer data on warming food things

Great for Celebrations:

These Hefty froth plates are spectacular to use for a variety of occasions. They make taking care
of loved ones a straightforward errand. Notwithstanding birthday celebrations, these Supreme
plates can be utilized at picnics, while closely following and at neighborhood grills. Since they’re
dispensable, visitors can simply throw them in the rubbish

Ideal for Commercial Use:

In a helpful pack of 250, these Hefty Supreme 9″ Foam Plates are brilliant for cafés, snack bars, and other food specialist organizations. They’re great for serving a wide range of food sources,
from sandwiches and mixed greens to meatloaf and pureed potatoes. These Hefty plates can
likewise be utilized in homeroom settings.

What Else Can I Use Hefty Supreme 9″ Foam Plates For?

Other than holding heavenly dinners, these Hefty froth plates can be utilized for entertainment-only expressions and specialties projects. Children and grown-ups can make beautiful covers,
caps, and occasion enrichments. These plates could be utilized to make exceptional stencils and
stamps for modified fine art on materials and texture.

suprems images
supremes images

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