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A flyswatter (or fly-swat, fly swatter) usually consists of a small rectangular or round sheet of
some 10 cm (4 in) across of lightweight, flexible, vented material (usually thin metallic, rubber,
or plastic mesh), attached to a lightweight wire or plastic handle or wood or metal handle about
30 to 60 cm (1 to 2 ft) long. The venting or perforations minimize the disruption of air currents,
which can be detected by the fly and allow it to escape, and also reduce air resistance, making
it easier to hit a fast-moving target such as a fly. A flyswatter is ideally lightweight and stiff,
allowing quick acceleration to overcome the fast reaction time of the fly, while also minimizing
damage caused by hitting other objects. The flyswatter usually works by mechanically crushing
the fly against a hard surface, after the user has waited for the fly to land somewhere.
However, some skilled users can injure or stun an airborne insect in mid-flight by whipping the
swatter through the air at an extreme speed.


Insect levitation by the use of short horsetail sticks and fans is ancient and dates back to at least
the Egyptian pharaohs. In fact, the early fly swatter was just a kind of paddle attached to the
end of a long rod. An early patent on commercial fly swatter was granted to Robert R.
Montgomery in 1900, which he called the fly swatter. Montgomery sold his patent to John L.

Bennett is a wealthy investor, and businessman who has continued to improve his design.
However, the origin of the name “fly swatter” does not come from the inventor. In the summer
of 1905, Kansas suffered from a large number of flies, which not only caused problems but also
contributed to the spread of infectious diseases. dr Samuel Cranbine, a member of the
The Kansas Department of Health wanted to raise public awareness of the threat posed by flies. He
was inspired by the chant of the local Topeka softball game “Hit the ball”. In a health
bulletin issued shortly after, he advised Kansas to “hit a fly.” In response, a school
teacher named Frank H. Rose created the “Flying Boat,” a device with a ruler attached
to the screen. Crumbine has named the device now commonly known as the fly swatter.

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Fly Gun:

A derivative of a fly swatter, the fly cannon (or fly cannon) uses a spring-loaded plastic projectile
to mechanically “hit” a fly. A perforated disc is attached to the projectile, and the ad text says,
“Do not fly flies.” Some similar products are sold primarily as toys and novelties, but
proponents claim they function like traditional fly swatters. Another gun-like design has a pair
of spring-loaded web blades to clap together when the trigger is pulled, pinching the fly
between them. Unlike traditional fly swatter, such a design can only be used for insects in the air.

Another projectile fly killer is Bug-a-Salt. This is a small shotgun that fires a spray of dry
table salt using a spring-compressed air blow, similar to a BB gun. It has an accurate range of
about 1 meter (3.3 feet) and the bugs it kills remain intact for easy cleaning. The
pneumatic salt shot approach is said to be effective because fast-moving small particles
of salt do not appear to be detected by the target fly until it is too late to dodge them.


Fly Bottle:

A glass fly bottle or flight wrap is a passive trap for flying insects. In the Far East, it is a
large transparent glass jar with a black metal cap with a hole. At the bottom of the bottle is a
fragrant bait in the shape of a piece of meat. Flies enter the jar in search of food,
but their phototactic behavior takes them anywhere in the jar except in the dark upper part
with a hole in the entrance, so they cannot escape. European fly bottles are fairly conical, with
small legs of 1.25 cm (0.5 inches) and a trough about 2.5 cm (1 inch) wide and about 2.5 cm (1
inch) around the container in the central opening at the bottom of the bottle. It is made in.
When in use, place the bottle on the plate and sprinkle sugar on the plate to attract flies. The
flies eventually jump into the bottle, and the tub contains beer and vinegar, and the flies
fall into it and drown. In the past, troughs have also been filled with a dangerous mixture of
milk, water, arsenic, or mercury chloride. A variation of these bottles is the agricultural flight
wrap used to control the Mediterranean and olive fruit flies that have been in use since the
The 1930s. They are smaller, have no legs, and the glass is thicker for rough
outdoor use, often hanging in trees and bushes. The latest versions of this device are often
made of plastic and are available at some hardware stores. You can
also improvise from a disposable plastic drink bottle.

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Disposable fly traps:

Disposable fly traps are small fly traps for use and disposal. The trap is a disposable plastic bag
that contains an attractant, which is generally a non-toxic flavor. Water and direct sunlight are
used to activate attractants and give off an odor to attract flies. Insects enter the trap and
drown in the water inside.


Glue board:

Adhesive pads are fishing tackles with strong glue. If a small card covered with glue is
placed in a case and the fly touches it, the fly will stick there and die. Reusable sticky boards can
be refreshed by using vegetable oil and rinsing with dishwashing liquid and water to remove
the oil. Alternatively, the card will be discarded and will be completely replaced on a regular


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Fly Paper:

Flypaper (also known as flypaper, fly stickers, fly tape, fly tape, or fly tape) attracts flies so they
can be caught. The exposed adhesive tape is easier to adhere to than the included adhesive sheet.
Strips are often hung in relatively inaccessible locations, such as near the ceiling, to avoid
accidental entanglement with humans. One type of fly strip is packaged in a small cardboard
tube with a pin at the top. Peel the pin from above (usually covered with wax), remove the
adhesive “fly strip”, use the pin to attach the pin to the ceiling, and hang the tube under a small
weight. Flypaper is not reused but is replaced when it is no longer effective. Flypaper is often
impregnated with slightly odorous chemicals to attract more flies.

Applying a small portable
lamp to a sticky surface can make the flypaper more attractive to other insects (mosquitoes,
beech, etc.).


Bug Vacuum:

A bug vacuum (bug vacuum or vacuum) is a type of small, powerful portable vacuum cleaner
that usually has an internal battery. The motor starts quickly, generates a strong suction
force, and catches flying insects in the device. Insects are either trapped in an inner sticky
surface or kept in the device until they dehydrate and die. Some insect suckers have a nonlethal design that keeps the trapped insects inside, but otherwise, they are harmless and can be
released later. These devices are popular with amateurs, professional entomologists,
and anyone who wants to avoid killing insects. Related devices powered
by oral suction are called putters and are used by entomologists and students to capture small
organisms for research.


Fan-based trap:

This design uses a continuously operating fan to suck in flying insects (especially the weak flyers
beech and beech) and trap them in a fine mesh screen or bag. Insects quickly dehydrate and
die, unable to escape the constant flow of air. Some design variations use carbon
dioxide, UV light, or a chemical scent to lure insects into the trap. Other designs rely on the
natural carbon dioxide or scent emitted by humans, pets, or livestock to attract pests and
simply wander close enough for flying insects to be inhaled. Collect In addition, the continuous
breeze produced by regular fans has been found to prevent mosquitoes from landing
and biting without catching or killing insects.

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Bug Zapper:

Insect Killer The electric grid (fly killer) kills insects by electrocuting them to an adjacent metal
grid with high voltage. An insect killer is a small device that is generally intended for use in a fixed
location, as opposed to a portable electric fly swatter.
Electric Flyswatter:
The electric fly swatter (sometimes called a mosquito bat, racket zapper, or zap bat) is
a battery-powered portable insect zapper that resembles a tennis racket and became
popular around the world in the late 1990s. US patent 5,519,963 was granted in 1996 to
Taiwanese inventor Tsuao-i Shih for such a device. The handle contains a battery-powered high-voltage generator. This circuit is a small, inexpensive, minimal self-oscillation voltage booster
with very few components that will continue to operate even when the battery is discharged to
a fraction of its original voltage. This is the so-called Joule thief circuit.

Flyswatter produces a
voltage of 500-3,000 volts (V) when the button switch is held down. The voltage is applied
between the two grid or mesh electrodes. When the fly’s body fills the gap between the
electrodes, an electric current flows through the fly. The capacitors attached to the
electrodes discharge during the spark, and this first discharge usually stuns or kills
the flies. If you hold down the button, the continuous current will quickly kill and burn the little
flies. In some swatters, the inner web is sandwiched between the two outer bar assemblies,
which are under high tension so that the fingers cannot penetrate the electrodes and bridge,
but they are small. Insects can. Other clappers have a series of tensioned bars between each
bar and its adjacent bars. The sandwich mesh and bar columns are displayed on the right.


Electrical safety standards:

Most electric fly swatters comply with human electrical safety standards:

• A limit on the charge stored in the capacitor: A discharge of fewer than 45 micro coulombs
(µC) is considered safe, even in the unlikely scenario that the current from a flyswatter
would be flowing from one arm to the other arm, partly through the heart. The
the capacitor of a 1000 V flyswatter, for example, should be less than 45 nanofarads (nF).
Due to this precaution for humans, the initial shock is usually inadequate to kill larger
insects, but will stun them for long enough that they can be disposed of.

• A limit on the current after the initial discharge: The maximal continuous current of
most flyswatters is less than 5 milliamperes (mA). This current is safe, even when
flowing from one arm to the other arm of a human.

The advantage over traditional fly swatter is that the electric model does not have to press the
fly against the surface to kill it, avoiding the confusion of dirt that can result. Electric swatters
kill insects when they are floating in the air and not on the surface. Insects on the surface can
fly and collide as the swatter approaches.
FVOAI Bug Zapper Outdoor, Electronic Mosquito Zapper Fly Zapper for

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Outdoor and Indoor (Black):

The outdoor insect killer uses a 4200V power supply and a 15W UV bulb to attract mosquitoes
and flying insects. Next, the mosquitoes are electrocuted by the high-voltage grid. The
Mosquito Zapper is EPA registered and safe for families and pets. It is made of ABS plastic and
features a safety grill to keep children and animals out of reach at night and
in dark environments. The top of the Mosquito Killer is designed with a hanging ring for easy
hanging. It is suitable not only for indoor installation but also for outdoor installation. There is a
mosquito net and a brush on the bottom of the trap to wipe off insect residues on
the screen for easy cleaning. Remember to unplug your device before cleaning.


Useful tips for best results with this fly trap indoor:

There are some useful tips for the best results of fly trap and is given below:
1. Close your windows and shut the doors before use.

2. 12 or more hours of use is suggested for an ideal effect.

3. Put the indoor insect trap in a dark place for the best trapping of insects.

4. Place the fruit fly trap near the insects-near the fruit, trash can, or plants.

5. Putting some bait like apple cider vinegar around the bug zapper indoors is more effective.

Powerful function:

Equipped with 20 LED lights, the Mosquito Killer emits strong UV rays against flying
insects. With a built-in fan, a powerful airflow pulls the insects into the mosquito trap and
a sticky board completely destroys the insects.

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Two timer settings:


The indoor fly trap has 6/12 hours time switch, which is more convenient to use. The compact
and sleek design resembles a high-tech kitchen gadget, so it won’t distract from your décor.


Effective results:

Use sticky glue boards for better effect. Tearing off the protective layer of the glue pads,
taking care not to touch the glue pads! Place lightly on the tray and replace it after it is
completely covered.
Black + Decker Bug Zapper- Mosquito Repellent Outdoor & Fly Traps
for Indoors- Mosquito Zapper & Fly Killer- Gnat & Moth Traps for


Home, Deck, Garden, Patio & More:

Relax again in your garden without these nasty insects-this mosquito zappers attracts
flies, beech, mosquitoes, bees, and other insects and kill them when touched. It can be used
indoors and outdoors. Effective and Safe-With UV technology, the Mosquito Killer attracts
insects, provides quick, humane, and effective killing day and night, and can be safely
used around children and pets. 2 ways to display the Hang the bug killer using the built-in
ring and the included chain, or place it on a table or flat surface using the mosquito killer’s
sturdy base. Easy to clean-Easy to clean with a convenient removable tray for disposing of dead
insects. Includes a bonus cleaning brush to remove excess debris. Includes an innovative anti-clogging mesh that allows large and small insects to invade.
Bug Zapper, Electric Solar Mosquito Killer for Indoor & Outdoor,
3000V High Powered Pest Control Waterproof Mosquito
Zapper, Rechargeable Insect Fly Trap for Home, Kitchen, Patio,

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Backyard, Camping:

Electric Solar Bug Killer: The 360-degree design of the electric bug killer uses UV light with a wavelength of 365nm. It attracts insects and kills them with a 3000V electric shock. A safe and
an efficient way to kill pests does not pose a safety risk to you or the environment and
protects your area from flies, mosquitoes, bees, moths, and other insects Mode, Bug Zapper
Light, White light, strobe light. The light mode of the bug zapper can kill pests, the white light
can be used as a nightlight, and the SOS mode can be used for outdoor emergencies. Multi-functional and powerful, suitable for camping, hiking, and fishing. With no electricity
or just charging with a USB-C cable, just one Elechome can meet many needs.

After fully charged, the insect killer lamp can be used for 10 hours with UV light and 16
hours in lighting mode. Elechome pesticides have a lifespan of up to 5 years.
Wide Range, Indoor, and Outdoor Use: This electric mosquito killer lamp with an impressive
range of 2100 square feet (½ acre) is used in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms,
offices, balconies, gardens, and courtyards. You can use it. You can hang it anywhere with a
convenient hanging hook.

Roll over the image to zoom in Bundle for Bug Zapper for Outdoor &


Indoor Insect Trap:

Effectively eliminate flying insects: Our outdoor pesticides feature a 4200V high
voltage mesh and an 18W UV lamp to eliminate flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, moths, midges,
etc.) Effectively attract and kill. Outdoor and Indoor Use: The insect killer is designed with IPX4
waterproof structure and can be placed outdoors / indoors such as backyard, patio, or balcony.
Instantly kill all small flying insects (bees, bees, etc.), bees, mosquitoes, bees, flies, and various
flying insects, etc. that come in contact with the high voltage transmission network to eliminate
insects. Get rid of old fly killers with dangerous chemicals and start a healthy and peaceful life!

Special UV and strong suction: Indoor insect traps use hyacinth UV that
attracts mosquitoes, beech, fruit flies, moths, and other insects. A powerful
fan sucks in these insects and catches them with a sticky plate. Compact
and suitable for indoor use: Indoor insect traps are ideal for kitchen, bedroom,
living room, and office use. With 5 sticky pads, you can use it for a long time.

LINK PAUL Indoor Insect Trap – Catcher & Killer for Mosquito, Gnat,
Moth, Fruit Flies – Non-Zapper Traps for Buzz-Free Home – Catch Flying
Insect Indoors with Suction, Bug Light (Bug Zapper):
Easy to use, just press the catch button and the mosquito trap will start working
non-toxic, and chemical-free. Ultraviolet rays attract insects, whispering quiet fans attract insects,
and sticky pads trap insects in the ground. This device doesn’t have a zapper-no
scary zapper sounds! This catcher quietly catches fruit flies, mosquitoes and mosquitoes-no
noise! LED UV lights emit purple light with a wavelength of 365 nm, which is deadly
in attracting mosquitoes, mosquitoes, fruit flies, and moths. 360 ° suction fan sucks insects into
dehydration until death. A delicate and elegant mosquito trap is easy to use and easy to clean.
After a while, you will notice a significant reduction in mosquitoes.

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Bug Zapper, Mosquito Zapper Indoor Plug-in:

Principle of operation: The lamp beads of the mosquito trap use the phototaxis of mosquitoes
to emit light and attract mosquitoes. In addition, due to the micro-temperature effect that
simulates the moist atmosphere of carbon dioxide, the fan stirs the surrounding air to form a
vortex. When a mosquito is sucked into the capture window, it does not escape from the vortex
and is trapped. About a week later, the mosquito became dehydrated and died. Health and
safety: The mosquito repellent is free of radiation, toxicity, chemicals, and noise. Ideal for
baby rooms and adult bedrooms, it guarantees human health and environmental
safety. Product cleaning: If the mosquito trap needs to be cleaned and disinfected, open the
container under the product, pour the mosquito’s body into the trash, and rinse and disinfect.
Simple and portable: The mosquito trap interface is a USB interface and is suitable for a variety
of adapters with USB connectors such as B. Mobile power supplies, computers, power banks,
and notebooks. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Customer Service: Enjoy a mosquito-free
environment and say goodbye to painful bites! If you have any questions about the mosquito
trap, we will contact you within 24 hours.

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